Knitting as Programming

a knit octopus sweater in blue and white
Knit by Abbey Perini, pattern is Embrace Octopus Sweater by Maia E. Sirnes

The Beginning

a woman weaves wire to create core rope memory


A Knitting Primer

a diagram of K2P2 ribbing
K2P2 Ribbing

Patterns as Programming

  • Knitting pattern designers follow DRY.
  • Pattern repeats are for loops, typically surrounded by brackets, asterisks, or parentheses.
  • It’s common to see while loops like ‘until the end of the round’ or ‘to n stitches before marker’.
  • Higher level languages like Python and Javascript use symbols and keywords to tell the computer what the desired output is, just like knitting charts.
  • Like assembly languages, operands are pushed and popped onto the needles.
  • Patterns are tested and retested by users for correctness, scalability, and the look of the finished object (aka expected output).
  • Pattern developers prefer open source software (Darktable, Gimp, Libre, Stitchmastery, etc.).
  • Different placements of yarn and needles produce different outputs.
a lacey Dowland shawl knit in sparkly burgundy yarn
Knit by Abbey Perini, pattern by Dowland by Dee O’Keefe, yarn is Meeker Street by The Jewelry Box

Patterns as Regular Expressions

Patterns as Tools for Teaching Programming


Additional Fun

Additional Sources




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Abbey Perini

Abbey Perini

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