How I Structure My Writing

A Paragraph

The method I was taught in school was 3–3–11 paragraphs. In a single paragraph, that means you have a thesis statement with three points, 3 sentences about each point, and then a summary/clincher/ending sentence.

An Essay

In longer essays, the structure of paragraphs is less rigid. An essay is comprised of a thesis paragraph, one or more paragraphs about each of the points in the thesis paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph. My example paragraph before could easily be 1 of 5 paragraphs in an essay about the niyamas. In that case, I’d start with a thesis paragraph where I describe the 5 niyamas.

Technical Blogs

This method is easily applied to a technical blog covering why a concept is important or why you would recommend a technology, but what about tutorials and walkthroughs?


Ultimately, this was a long explanation of the way I get an idea of something to write about, break it down into its main points, and elaborate on each of the points. If you are left with questions about this method or other parts of my writing, please don’t hesitate to ask!



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