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…did someone say animated CSS button?


  • Lauren Perini

    Lauren Perini

    Runs, PMs, mountains, arts, writes. Seattle-adjacent.

  • Lisa R Dean

    Lisa R Dean

    Imposter Programmer. Former sysadmin. Still on the impossible childhood quest to know everything.

  • Austin Jenkins

    Austin Jenkins

    Full Stack Web Developer (ReactJS + Laravel) currently working on contract projects and located in Denver, CO.

  • Teddy Morin

    Teddy Morin

    Freelance Software Engineer 🚀 React, React Native, NodeJS, TypeScript. I Love working on Quality, Scaling, Delivery.

  • Brad Dunn

    Brad Dunn

    Tech dude.

  • alejandro martinez aguilar

    alejandro martinez aguilar

  • Bezayimer


  • Micheller


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