Accessibility Auditing My Portfolio Site — Part 6

Final Testing

ARC dev toolkit after scanning the blog page on
:root {
/** sunny side **/
— blue-background: #c2e9f6;
— blue-border: #108DAD;
— blue-color: #96dcee;
— yellow-background: #fffaa8;
— yellow-border: #f5eb71;
/** dark side **/
— indigo-background: #808fc7;
— indigo-border: #808CBC;
— indigo-color: #6b7abb;
— gray-border: #e8e8ea;
— gray-dots: #e8e8ea;
.toggle — checkbox:focus + .toggle — label {
outline: solid 3px var( — button-border);
transition: outline 100ms ease-in;
blog preview component on in Safari with a scroll bar with corners

Final Fix

Things to Revisit

Frodo on Mount Doom “It’s done. It’s over now.”

Main Takeaways

Final Thoughts



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