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…did someone say animated CSS button?
The Jurassic Park logo but with “Legacy Code.” Underneath, “It Worked for 65 Million Years. No One Knows How. No One Knows Why.”

(1) Learn the codebase by fixing bugs.

A woman lays on the wall of an overlook in Mt Ranier State Park, mountains, trees, and sky in the background

A screenshot of, with a nav bar on a light blue background, the blog button is highlighted by a border, and text on a peach background saying “Blogs loading!”

Add Panini Bot to your Discord server today!

“Replacing the word “pandemic” with incorrect variations is 90% of how I’ve been coping with this panasonic” — Vax Een, @_jovanrb on Twitter

Or How I Stopped Self-Rejecting and Embraced Self-Promotion

Moira of Schitt’s Creek saying “One must champion oneself and say ‘I am ready for this’”

Picture of a dock and boat at sunset

a knit octopus sweater in blue and white
Knit by Abbey Perini, pattern is Embrace Octopus Sweater by Maia E. Sirnes

Abbey Perini

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